The Sanremo Festival

The Italian Song Festival, commonly known as the Sanremo Festival , is a singing event born in 1951 from an idea by the industrialist Pier Busseti, then manager of the Sanremo Casino , who immediately managed to involve Rai in the organization as well. for it to be...

Civic Museum – Palazzo Nota

To love a place and design its future, one must know its past. That is why the San Remo Municipal Museum aims to be the story of the territory, a journey through time from prehistory to the contemporary age. Culture at km 0: The new headquarters is located inside the...

The Municipal Casino of Sanremo

I play but not only play at the Sanremo Casino , the imposing Art Nouveau building, which dominates the figure of the Ligurian city, also known throughout the world for its thriving trade in roses and carnations. The Municipal Casino was built in Sanremo on January...

Francesco Corradi Civic Library

Those who come to Sanremo should know that the city does not mean only hotels , restaurants and social events, but that there are also good cultural opportunities. The city has had a rich library since 1893, the year in which it was established by the administration,...

Alfred Nobel

Nobel Alfred, Swedish industrial chemist (Stockholm 1833 - San Remo 1896). He studied in Petersburg, where his father managed shipyards, and returned in 1859 to Stockholm. He became interested in the use of nitroglycerin as an explosive and in 1863 began to...


With over fifty hotels Sanremo is the most popular tourist destination in the province of Imperia.

The name of Città dei Fiori derives from the famous cultivation of carnations, which raised the name of Sanremo in the floral field, thanks to some enterprising and far-sighted producers, who were also able to specialize in roses and ornamental greenery. Even today, every year, the flowers of Sanremo adorn the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in the Austrian capital, from where the famous New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is broadcast worldwide.

This site is intended to be a tourist guide on Sanremo, easy to consult and, at the same time, full of information and ideas for those who want to discover, or why not? to the rediscovery of the renowned Ligurian town. Where, near the port for mooring boats, the old port retains its charm intact, with its typical restaurants. The mild climate of the Riviera, in fact, allows outdoor lunches and dinners from early spring to late autumn.

Sanremo, a city traditionally devoted to hospitality, known in Italy and around the world for …

Sanremo Festival , or rather the Sanremo Italian Song Festival , has represented, for over 60 editions, the most awaited musical event of the year by the public and professionals. Authentic national-popular event, a prestigious stage for the best singers and an important showcase for young talents. Without forgetting the dolce vita of the VIPs, which can be tasted on the premises for the entire duration of the event.

Casino , the oldest in Italy, opened its doors on January 14, 1905. Elegant, with its liberty architecture it recalls the Sanremo Belle Époque. The casino offers a wide choice of French and American games, more traditional, and modern slot machines. Among the customers, the most experienced professionals of the green tables alongside occasional risk lovers. All tempted by the thrill of gambling and many really kissed by luck.

Carri Fioriti are real works of art, made with fresh Sanremo flowers. The parade takes place through the city streets, to celebrate the beginning of spring. Born in 1904, the Festa della Dea Flora has become, over the years, an unmissable event for the 60,000 spectators, who on average come to Sanremo to follow the show. The famous Corso Fiorito is filmed live by Rai.

Rally , whose official wording is Rallye Sanremo , consists of an exciting car race, one of the most important sporting events, involving the City of Flowers and its hinterland. The first edition dates back to 1928. It is currently organized by ACI Sanremo and is part of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge calendar, the FIA South-West European Rally Cup and the Italian Rally Championship.

Milan-Sanremo is the Spring Classic , or the cycling race at the end of March starting from the cold capital of the North and arriving in the City of Flowers. The competition, with its 290 km of distance, has the particularity of being among the longest races lasting a single day. Born in 1907, the Milan-Sanremo is one of the most prestigious cycling races in Italy and internationally.

Cycle path , the longest in Europe, extends between pine trees and beaches, skirting the sea for 24 km. It is ideal for sports enthusiasts and those who love to keep fit, accessible on foot, by bicycle, roller skates and skateboards. It is suitable for families with children, with the pleasant shade of the rest squares, equipped with benches and drinking fountains, the numerous refreshment points and a complex security system. Enjoyable during all four seasons thanks to the Mediterranean climate of Sanremo, from summer 2012 the entire route is equipped with a WiFi network for Internet connection.

Places and Culture

From Romanesque to Baroque, from neoclassical to liberty, Sanremo presents a balanced combination of architectural styles, which tell the story of this historic town. Palaces and villas, towers and monuments, churches and buildings of various cults not only embellish the city, but also contribute to its international and multicultural character.

Russian Orthodox Church , located at the entrance to Sanremo, is the concrete example of openness and tolerance, which have always distinguished the City of Flowers. Together with the palm trees of the nearby Promenade Imperatrice, a gift from Tsarina Maria Aleksandrovna, the Russian Church constitutes a precious heritage of the nineteenth century, when Sanremo was a holiday and health resort for the European nobility, thanks to its climate tempered by the sea.

La Pigna , that is the historic heart, still alive and beating of the City of Flowers, looks at the sea from the hill, where it rests in concentric rings. The labyrinth of the typical alleys and the buildings, which frame the squares, make it look like a casbah, as Italo Calvino wrote, who spent his childhood and adolescence in Sanremo. La Scarpetta , as the Pigna is nicknamed, is animated by a multicultural atmosphere, made up of different realities, which enrich each other.

Fascinating is the hinterland of Sanremo: a “dip” between nature, history and magic:

Bussana Vecchia has been renamed the International Village of Artists . Refuge of painters, sculptors, potters, musicians and poets, Italian and foreign, since the end of the fifties. It was they who became the protagonists of the rebirth of the medieval village, after the earthquake of 1887, which caused its destruction and abandonment. Today the town, with breathtaking views of the sea, is ideal for a walk through history and artisan excellence.

Where to sleep

Hotels in this section you can find information and the complete list of hotels, lodges and other types of accommodation where to sleep in Sanremo: hotel with swimming pool, hotel with restaurant, hotel with entertainment, hotel with WiFi internet connection, hotel with private parking, hotel for families with children, hotels that accept pets such as dogs and cats, hotel in the center of Sanremo, hotel near the sea, hotel with private beach, hotel offers in san remo, residences and holiday apartments. The online booking of a hotel in Sanremo allows you to comfortably organize your stay without leaving your home: for a holiday with all the comforts, luxury hotels such as 5-star and 4-star hotels Sanremo 3-star hotels will be indicated. 2-star hotels or guesthouses, on the other hand, represent the offer of cheap hotels par excellence. Hotels near Sanremo are indicated on the map with placeholders indicating the hotel.

Where to eat

Restaurants Here you will find the most suitable restaurant or pizzeria to satisfy your appetite, from typical Sanremo and Ligurian cuisine to ethnic or even Japanese dishes.

Street map

Map of Sanremo with the points of greatest interest in the city highlighted with convenient markers that allow you to directly access the in-depth information on the place indicated.