The Sanremo Festival


The Italian Song Festival, commonly known as the Sanremo Festival , is a singing event born in 1951 from an idea by the industrialist Pier Busseti, then manager of the Sanremo Casino , who immediately managed to involve Rai in the organization as well. for it to be broadcast on the radio. After only four editions, the event definitively lands on television, and obtains an extraordinary success among the public. In these early years of the Festival, unforgettable voices such as: Claudio Villa, Domenico Modugno, Johnny Dorelli, Renato Rascel and Tony Dallara appear in the limelight of the competition with their own songs. The following decade is certainly the most prosperous period in the history of the Festival; in a period of strong economic growth, even the record market takes off, and the Sanremo event can only benefit from it. In these years the Festival stage has been played: Adriano Celentano, Little Tony, Milva, Pino Donaggio, Gigliola Cinquetti, Bobby Solo, Iva Zanicchi, Nicola di Bari, Ornella Vanoni, Bruno Lauzi.

1967 is remembered for a tragic event that disturbs the rosy atmosphere of the Festival: the singer-songwriter Luigi Tenco , a few hours after the elimination of his song Ciao amore ciao , commits suicide in his hotel room leaving a void in the Festival and in the whole world of song. Despite going through a brief crisis, the event managed to cross the 70s unscathed.

In those years the Sanremo Festival moved from the historic Casino Party Hall to the Ariston Theater , the current venue of the event.

From the 1980s to the present day, the Festival has always confirmed its undisputed supremacy on the limelight of the small screen. The sets, which at times have transformed the theater into a real disco, the different conduits, the valleys, the Italian and foreign guests were the architects of a Festival that has been able to adapt over the years to the changing needs of the public.

Always an audience champion, the singing event definitively establishes itself as the most awarded and loved television show by the public. The most famous singing event in Italy, has a good reputation also abroad, is regularly broadcast by Raiuno in Eurovision.

Tickets for the evenings

The sale of tickets for the Sanremo Festival, in agreement with the Municipality of Sanremo, is managed by the Raiuno Network Secretariat (tel. 06.3231000 fax 06.3219931) and takes place through subscriptions to all evenings; only in the event that “unsold” remain, it will be possible to buy tickets to the Festival for individual evenings at the theater itself.

Sanremo and the Festival

During the week of the Festival (generally between the end of February and the beginning of March), Sanremo is packed with visitors: singers, musicians, journalists, photographers, professionals, but also the public and why not, just curious.

If you want to visit Sanremo during the Festival, avoid driving your car through the streets of the center, you would run into an exhausting queue; better to take a few steps on foot these days, even if, we can guarantee you, you will still struggle to extricate yourself from the crowd of people!

If you want to hunt for autographs, or want to see your favorite character up close, do not camp all afternoon in front of the main entrance (where the famous walkway of Sanremo, bogey of singers), but be aware that the artists access the theater for rehearsals from a rear entrance of the building, located in the parallel via Roma. A more comfortable option for approaching celebrities is to spend the evening moving a few steps from the theater to Piazza Bresca : here the numerous restaurants renowned for their fish-based specialties, act as a draw for the artists, who at the end of the evening (once the tension for the show has dropped) will certainly be more inclined to give an autograph or even to chat.

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