Restaurants and pizzerias where to eat in Sanremo

With many restaurants Sanremo is second to none as places to eat, Sanremo cuisine is typical of the trattorias where you can taste the local specialties accompanied by the famous olive oil that reigns supreme here, other restaurants in the center of Sanremo are those of great luxury. especially located in Piazza Bresca which offers refined dishes and fish-based specialties, but there are also hot tables, cheap restaurants and like everywhere else you will not have difficulty finding a pizzeria in Sanremo, but be careful not to confuse pizza with sardenàira . Japanese cuisine alongside Chinese cuisine, in fact in Sanremo the Japanese restaurant has taken hold for years now.

Below is a list valid for both lunch and dinner with names, addresses and telephone numbers of restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, fast food restaurants and all places to eat: